Details (pdf 714KB)


Control program MSdemo.exe and its configuration file ms.hdw (360+2KB).
This demo version has the low level procedures turned off - just ignore the hardware error alerts.

Some obtained spectra files (as data for MSdemo.exe): fenorm, holo, rhodium, scint (4x65KB).

Files above zipped (228KB). 

Mössbauer spectrometer features
  1. There are two standard heads available (proportional and scintillation). Both containing internal pre-amplifiers, and high voltage supplies (remotely controlled). 
  2. Additionally, raw pulses are accepted from the external pre-amplifiers (including the ?reset? type pre-amplifiers) as well as from the external single channel analyser too.
  3. Four spectra are collected simultaneously: two mössbauer and two gamma (i.e. coincidence and anti-coincidence with the single channel analyser). The second mössbauer channel is intended to collect the laser calibrator pulses, but may be redirected to an external source. Each of these four spectra is collected with 4096-channels long and 32-bit wide separate counter. 
  4. Velocity transducer is strong, precision and its linearity is better than 0.1%. It has the central hole across its length. It is equipped with the ?clapper? position sensor to check and force its proper midposition when installed either horizontally or vertically. 
  5. The velocity reference file is software generated and loadable. It is 8192 points per cycle long with 12-bit precision. Vibration frequency scope is wider than 1-60 Hz. 
  6. An optional high quality laser velocity calibrator is almost insensitive to the external vibrations. Laser beam passes through the central hole of the transducer and reflects from the prismatic mirror assembled just to the back of source holder. 
  7. The spectrometer is low voltage supplied via lead acid battery buffer with appropriate mains charger. 
  8. All the settings (except a few one-time trimmers like PZC) are remote controlled from the attached computer. These settings can be saved on hard disk and recalled latter. 
  9. Spectrometer may be accompanied with a huge collection of interconnected programs being able to process the majority of mössbauer data. 
  10. There are empty slots in the bin so auxiliary blocks performing special functions may be added. Such a block offered now has 8bit DAC output to control the furnace and malfunction input.
  11. Equipped with the Ethernet Tcp/Ip interface so may be controlled via internet - either from your lab or your home computer.

The bin loaded with four blocks of Mössbauer Spectrometer and two Temperature Regulators. All controlled via internet. The battery buffer seen. 

...and the spectrometer's resources at the home computer screen. You can see spectra: gamma, Mössbauer and "W" from the laser calibrator.